Biomasolinera – Biomass Station

Biomasolinera, a biomass station, is a product patented and developed by Gestiona Global and Explotaciones Marle thanks to a regional call for R+D projects.

It is a biomass automatic dispenser (pellets, splinters, olive pits, etc.) which works as self service in a similar way as low-cost petrol stations do. It was designed with the capability of getting adapted to different fuels. It can process splinters, olive pits, almond skins, etc.

It helps customer to obtain fuel easily. It is placed in a service point accessible for the user, with a clear and easy to recognize design.

Regarding its appearance, it is a prism shaped monolith with a squared base. It is 6 metres high and the dimensions of the base are approximately 2,6 x 2,6 metres. There is a cash machine on the front where it is possible to select the material and the paying method. On the left side, there is a window for the bag reception and a bulk filler on the right.


Biomasolineras should be placed on busy places, or, as an alternative, on high sectorial consumption points.

Having this into account, their natural place would be:


The partners of the project has now created a new company to allow its commercialization and introducing it into the market.

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