Gestiona Global participates in the conference “Boosting Industrial Symbiosis for Circular regions” held in Slovenia under the Interreg Europe SYMBI project accompanying FUNDECYT-PCTEX and the Office Extremadura 2030 with the objective of exchanging good Practices in the implementation of regional development policies and programmes related to the promotion and dissemination of industrial symbiosis and circular economy from seven participating countries faced to policies alignment with the Circular Economy Package of the European Commission.

Throughout the day, several foreign and Slovenian guest speakers discussed the synergies between industrial symbiosis and effective spatial planning, estimate the market potential of industrial symbiosis and outline the possibilities for implementing regional industrial symbiosis projects. Participants also investigated whether and how such projects could be supported in the next financial perspective. At the end participants were invited to explore options, generate ideas and find solutions on how project partners as well as the EU could systematically, and better, support industrial symbiosis projects.

Conference programme.

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INDUSTRIAL SYMBIOSIS looks at interactions between the environment, the economy and industry, and promotes the sharing of materials to minimize waste, following the example of a natural ecosystem, where everything is reused.

Industrial symbiosis strengthens regional growth and competitiveness fostering:

  • Material and energy savings, reusing waste and energy by-products of industrial processes.
  • New business models with secondary raw resources trading and innovative waste management services.
  • Mitigation of external volatility risks, reducing dependencies on imported materials and fossil fuel.