On March 14 at 11:00 in the auditorium of the building of University Research Institutes (Avda. de la Investigación, Badajoz Campus of the University of Extremadura), will take place the presentation of the LIMUS project “Technology for free access to museums and archaeological sites in Extremadura and Alentejo based on mobile devices “.

The LIMUS project is an Interreg-POCTEP project funded by the European Commission, in which participate the Ministry of Culture of the regional government of Extremadura (Main Partner), the Sensory Systems research group of the University of Extremadura (technological partner), the Municipal Chamber of Évora, the Archaeological Field of Mértola and Gestiona Global (external assistance).

The main objective of this project is the transfer of development technology from the University to the museum industry of Extremadura and the Alentejo. The project will test several technologies based on mobile applications so that visitors in museum and archaeological sites can receive information about the work they are witnessing simply by approaching them, overcoming all technical obstacles and spreading knowledge at different levels according to the type of visitor.

The idea is, therefore, to develop smartguides based on the mobile terminals of the museum’s visitors who, through the installation of a specific application, will convert these terminals into receivers of signals of different nature (acoustics, visible light and BLE) that will univocally identify the exhibited works.

Event schedule

• 11: 00 – 11: 30_ Institutional Inauguration

• 11: 30 – 12: 00_ LIMUS project presentation

• 12: 00 – 12: 30_ Presentation of the technology transfer

• 12: 30 – 13: 30_ Technological pilot test (to be held in the cafeteria of the building (besides to the auditorium)

Admission is free until full capacity

Programa del evento