On April 5, 9 and 10, Juan Pablo Martín and Patricia Mora, from Gestiona Global, have carried out three workshops on how to prepare proposals for highly competitive and successful R & D projects in different national and international calls for proposals.

In each eminently practical workshop, which lasted four hours, and has had many participants, we have made known the innovations of 2019 year for different calls, both their eligibility criteria and the evaluation systems. We have worked from the idea of an R + D project and its phases, to the elaboration of the technical memory, going through the structure that should have a good proposal, the elaboration of the technical memory, as well as the key factors to improve the success rate in the calls.

All this has been carried out through the analysis of practical cases, either of projects conducted by Gestiona Global or those that are currently in execution.

These workshops have been organized by FUNDECYT-PCTEX and the Office for Innovation (O4i), due to it is an interest topic for organizations and researchers that seek to achieve impact results in the management of innovation.